Jacob Fraden is an electronic engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, educator, artist, and writer.  He holds degrees of MSEE and Ph.D. in medical instrumentation. His principal area of a technical expertise is in sensors and instruments for sensing, monitoring and measuring a broad range of signals.
Among his over 60 inventions are the Instant Ear Thermometer, Smartphone with Infrared Thermometer, Motion Controlled Light Switch, and Home Blood Pressure Monitor.
He was the founder of Thermoscan Inc. (producer of IR ear thermometers) and other companies. Jacob served as a chairman of the ASTM committee that developed the US Standard for medical thermometers and the member of ISO International Standard Committee.
Dr. Fraden is the author of a bestselling “Handbook of Modern Sensors” (five updated editions since 1994) that for the last 25 years has been the principal textbook on sensors used by many major universities worldwide. Jacob authored over 100 technical and scientific papers and book chapters. He published in English a book of short stories “Adventures of an Inventor” and also writes short stories in Russian. He lectures in University of California San Diego on theory and practice of sensors, history of the Renaissance and connection of art and science.

His paintings were exhibited in the U.S.A. art galleries.

Jacob Frade​​n